Burgklasreis B1l en B1n

“Brugklaskamp 2017” By Floor and Lois B1N

We were on ‘brugklaskamp’ on 12 and 13 October. On the morning of the 12th we were at school at 8 am. We went to Limburg by bus at 8:30am with two classes: B1l and B1n. Our first stop was at “Kasteelpark Born”. There were a lot of animals. First we had lunch there and later on we had a search trip and a tour. B1l started with the tour and B1n started with the search trip. I (Floor) found the search trip nicer then the tour. Later on we switched. Then it was time to move on. We drove by bus to “Margraten”. This is a very large cemetery with a lot of graves from soldiers from the second World War. I (Lois) prayed for the buried soldiers. We stayed here for half an hour. Then we drove to “Het bovenste bos”, our accomodation.. We dropped our stuff in there. Then we get our rooms. We (Lois and Floor) where in the same room with Denise.

That evening we ate spaghetti with red sauce. Later on we went to the swimming pool. At 9:15pm we are back at our accomodation. (Lois) I was sitting downstairs and played “Exploding Kittens” that was a game from Mr. Muller. At 11:00pm we went to our bedroom. We got ready to sleep and later on continued talking. We fell asleep at half past twelve.

The next morning we were woken up by Mrs. Dekker. We got ready and we clean the room. Then we went downstairs for breakfast. At 9:30am we went to Maastricht. Our class (B1n) first went to the “Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht”. Here was a lot of art. New and old art. I (Lois) found the older art more fun to look at and to hear things than the modern art. I (Floor) found the room where you had to lay on the beanbags very nice. At about 11:30 we walked to the Vrijthof, the centre of Maastricht, with our class. We (Floor and Lois) went along with Roma through the city. I

bought at “Van Delft” that is a peppernuts shop, 1 bag with cocos peppernuts and turned 2 coins.

We bought an ice cream at Pinky’s. Roma had bought a shirt and 3 Tony Chocolonely bars. Then our class (B1n) went to the caves of St. Pieter. Here we got an English tour. I (Lois) felt pretty scared because we only went in with little lanterns who went into caves and my mother had once told me a scary story about these caves. Lois, it’s no caves (floor) it’s a mining system. Oh yes (Lois). After that, we went to the bus and left for Wieringerwerf. In between we had also eaten at the “MacDonald’s” in “Best”. At 8pm we were back at school again. (Lois) I really liked it a great fun camp, I like to do it again. (Floor) It was great, 2 days was definitely too short.


also: https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/809633/zomers-wekend-vol-van-ijspret